REPNOVA is the simple marketing solution that helps you maintain brand consistency among your sales force
Our easy-to-use platform allows you to manage all the important content of your marketing efforts. Start tracking leads, managing assets, and pushing presentations to anyone, anytime, anywhere using our intuitive and simple interface.

Intuitive Dashboard and Analytics

You can easily obtain insights of the who, what, when, where, and how’s of presentations. And with our analytics, you can easily identify your most effective assets so you can make more strategic decisions for the future.

Create Beautiful Presentations For Your Sales Teams

You can create presentations effortlessly for your sales force by using our interface that supports PDF, PowerPoint, and videos. From there, you can push out the materials to all the sales reps within just a few clicks.

Add Users And
Set Groups

As sales reps come and go, Repnova allows you to quickly and easily add users . You can also organize your force into groups, whether it is by location, product, etc.

Set Permissions
And Deploy

Always make sure that the right people have access to the right material. Our platform allows for you to set permissions to any user, group, or document.

Content Management System Features


Manage all your assets, users, and presentations in one place with an easy interface.


Identify your most effective assets, usage and clicks with the data that is retrieved from presentations so you can make more strategic decision for the future.

Set Users by Groups 

Organize your force into groups, whether it is by location, product, etc.

Set Permissions 

Enable users or groups to specific documents so that the right people always have access to the right material.

Push Notifications

Send notifications to your sales force to alert them about new updates, assets, and or features.

CRM Integration 

Integrate your CRM accounts with the app on the devices. Repnova works with the most commonly used CRM, like SalesForce, Microsoft Dynamics, OpenCRM, etc.

Geo Location 

Track your sales efforts by location to determine gaps in territories so that you can generate more leads.

Versions, Revisions, Publish

Make multiple versions of your assets to the app that can be later revised then published.

Native Mobile Application Features

(iPad, Android tablets and PC)

HTML5 Reader 

Show HTML5 supported content like animations, custom presentations, etc.

PDF Viewer 

Use PDFs that you already have in circulation by uploading them to Repnova to enhance your presentations.

Video Player 

Show tutorials, product demos, or other videos from the company’s library right from the app – no WIFI connection needed.

Notifications & Test Mode

Receive notifications about new updates, assets, and or features. If you are an enabled user, you can also view presentations before they are officially approved in Test Mode.


Share presented content to your clients easily via e-mail with just one click.

Lead Generation 

Identify leads quickly so that you can make more efficient and targeted sales.

Start working toward a more simplified sales process today.

REPNOVA, a simple way to sell

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